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I knew then that she was a workaholic.

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When I realized how hard she works, I wondered at what cost was she working so hard for these horoscopes, for her fans. I always tell people that there is surely nobility in making a sacrifice. The word itself means to make holy. I will tell you flatly: if I could write like Susan, none of you still would be worth my life. However, at this Pisces full moon, I hope her Pisces Sun comes to honor that for herself. When you sacrifice, know what it could cost you, and balance that against what you gain from it. However, if you want to leave your mark, without making the ultimate sacrifice, make something holy that makes you whole in doing it, something that reflects the whole of who you are.

You owe your life more. By Wednesday, the real work should win out, but not without some complications. Mercury the messenger has his plate full this week between tangles with determined Pluto and individualistic Uranus. Be sure you make time for your friends and your own soothing self-care rituals. In the meantime, take the work blinders off then and reconnect to that full moon of pleasure at the end of the week.

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That super full moon in Pisces stands at very top of your chart like a bat-signal. I hope you read my intro above to get some ideas on how your sacrifices are measuring up. This could be evident with your job or your boo. Hopefully, you know your partner well and have a history together because Neptune, especially since it is conjunct the full moon, can put a gossamer veil over reality so that it looks beautiful but perhaps is not realistic.

Susan Miller (Pisces)

If you do know the person well, then Neptune will simply make this period memorable, soft, and romantic. Your ruler is Neptune, so I feel you understand this planet better than anyone of any other sign. This particular full moon will mark an important moment in your timeline, so watch the messages it brings you within four days of September If your birthday falls on March 10, plus or minus five days, you will feel the effects of the September 13 full moon quite personally.

You will also notice the effects of this full moon if you have a natal moon in Pisces or Pisces rising, in each case at 21 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. Take a look at your horoscope if you have it, and check to see if you have a planet in Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn—if you do, that planet will be lit up, and you will enjoy this full moon, too.

I do feel that this full moon will be as I wrote and hope there is nothing in your own chart that would change that. You might open talks about benefits for a new job, or you may write a large check, such as to pay for tuition or make a down payment on a house. You might buy a car rather than lease it if you feel it will be economical to do so. If you are self-employed, you may be paying estimated taxes.

A new moon in Libra puts Venus in the lead and shows the likely outcome of that new moon. Remarkably, Venus in Libra, your eighth house of commissions, bonuses, royalties, licensing fees, and more will be receiving golden beams from good-fortune Jupiter in Sagittarius, still in your tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievements.

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  4. I love that Venus and Jupiter will be communicating to the exact degree! This is remarkable! That will be the closest, tightest aspect of the new moon, and it will rule the day—and the new moon. The money you will be thinking about will have a direct link to your ongoing performance on the job and your standing in your company, your community, or your industry at large.

    This suggests that while Pluto might indicate a powerful person is putting financial pressure on you, in the end, you can resolve things to your financial benefit. New moons can often take weeks or months to bring any matter on your mind to a conclusion, but what counts most is that you can rise above any obstacles and tensions and ultimately succeed. You seem ready to join forces with another person this month, and the results will be quite exciting. As you begin September, you will have just experienced a fantastic new moon on August 30—one of the best of —that lit your seventh house of partnerships.

    Together you will be a force of nature.

    Your seventh house of serious, committed partnerships including marriage will hold Venus, Mercury, Mars, the Sun, and new moon that appeared August 30 and will affect you strongly in the first half of September. You may become engaged or married, and if you are already married, you will be quite focused on your spouse. Lots of news will be coming to you from your partner, and that news will influence you both. Alternatively, you may be forming a collaboration at work, making a business alliance with a new partner, an agent, or publicist, as some examples. If you already have a business partner, agent, manager, publicist, or other professional to help you, that person will be a sparkling gem for you.

    Best of all, with a vibrant beam from the surprise-a-minute planet Uranus situated in your third house, you may suddenly have an exciting, unanticipated writing, speaking, editing, or other communication-oriented project that will come up in early September. If so, the partner who you would work with closely in September might be your writing partner, editor, or agent, as examples. At the same time, Saturn will perfectly align with this new moon too, adding substance and long-term stability to you from this project.

    You may also be traveling a short distance this month. Mid-month, on September 13, you have a full moon in Pisces bringing to a culmination one of your dearest desires. The matter could be personal or professional, and it might involve something artistic that you created. Because this new moon will point to a matter very personal to you, it might have to do with a romantic relationship, and if so, this has all the makings of a joyously emotional moment.

    Or it might deal with a creative project that is finishing up. Your eleventh house of hopes and wishes will be shining brightly with beams from Saturn, another indication that you may see the fulfillment of a dream that has been a long time coming. The new moon in Libra on September 28 will usher in two weeks of financial talks and decisions, so you may be doing calculations for savvy tax talks with your accountant in preparation of year-end filing. If you are interviewing for a new job, you may be working out a benefits package, including such items as health insurance, a profit-sharing program, a year-end bonus, flex time, or a policy that allows workers the ability to work from home one day a week.

    If you are looking for sponsorship on an entrepreneurial idea, the sponsors will ask for a lot of paperwork blame Pluto , but with Venus and Jupiter working for you, you are likely to receive the money you need. Printed on archival quality paper. Available exclusively on Astrology Zone. Learn More. Copyright by Euregio.

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